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     Four Steps to Selecting a New Wood Floor: (Prefinished Laminated Wood Flooring)

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Prefinished Laminated Wood Flooring

Laminated wood flooring is available in 3-ply and 5-ply. It is a sheet that consists of wood pressed together, with the grain running in different directions for strength.

We recommend laminated wood flooring for applications where solid wood flooring may not be suitable such as below grade sub-floors (basements), slab homes or homes with radiant heat. Laminated wood flooring also works best in situations where a floating floor is called for - that is a floor that is not nailed to the sub-floor.  Because the grains run in different directions, it is more dimensionally stable than solid wood for this application. This means that it will expand and contract less than solid wood during fluctuations in humidity and temperature.

When considering a prefinished product, it is imperative to choose a quality manufacturer.  You want a floor that can be repaired or refinished as needed.  Many of the prefinished products can not be refinished. We install only high quality products that can be sanded and repaired.

Many different species and colors of laminated wood flooring are available on the market, and adding borders, medallions, or corner treatments is a terrific option with laminates as well as with solid wood products.  Because most laminated wood flooring products are finished at the factory, this is the best option for homeowners who do not want the sanding process completed in their homes. Several finish options are available

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