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     Four Steps to Selecting a New Wood Floor: (Jobsite Finish)

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Step 3:  Stain Selection |
Step 4:  Finishes | Jobsite Finish | Factory Pre-Finish

Job-Site Finish

A job-site finish is one that is applied at the place of installation.  There are several types of finishes available to you when choose a job-site finish.  During this process you will have the choice of what type of shine you prefer as well as the effect the color of the finish itself will have on your floor.

We installed this Jarrah wood flooring through out this home.  It is 3/4" x 3 1/4". The color is natural and we applied a polyurethane finish.

Most solid wood flooring and some laminated flooring are available unfinished. Sanding and finishing on-site does create dust and noise from the equipment and there is a dry time during which you will be unable to use that particular room.

When finishing a job on-site we do our very best to contain the dust.  When possible we plastic off all of the doorways.  Upon completion we vacuum all walls. We make our best effort to minimize the dust in your home, however it is an inherent result of the sanding process.

You will have unlimited possibilities when choosing the stain color. Upon sanding your floor, we will apply the stain color choices directly on the floor.  This is key because it is the best way to get an accurate idea of what this color will look like in your home.

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