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John's Custom Floors, Inc.
Redwood City, California
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Employment Opportunities: 

We are currently looking for a dependable, professional service employee.  Experience in hardwood flooring installation and refinishing is highly desirable, but we're willing to train if you're the right person.  At John's Custom Floors, we offer competitive wages and quality employee benefits.  Contact John if you are interested in working with us and continuing our reputation for flooring excellence in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Project Proposal Request:

I am interested in:
Refinishing existing floor.  Age of floor: (select one)
3 - 5 years   6-10 years  11-15 yrs   15 years +

Bid replacement of existing wood floor.
Bid replacement of carpeted or artificial surface floor.

Rooms/areas to refinish:
Halls  Bedrooms  Stairs  Other Rooms

Here's how to contact me:


Please contact me as soon as possible because I'd like to begin a flooring project within two months.

John's Custom Floors, Inc. | Redwood City, CA
tel 650 367-9217  |  fax 650 367-8052
E-mail: License Number 554010
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