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     Four Steps to Selecting a New Wood Floor: (Finishes)

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Step 2:  Wood Floor Styles |
Step 3:  Stain Selection |
Step 4:  Finishes | Jobsite Finish | Factory Pre-Finish

Comparing Finishes

The finishes on the market today are all good finishes, however, your lifestyle and specific needs may dictate the best finish for you.  Following are some general comparisons of most common finishes on the market.

Water-Base Urethane

Oil-Modified Urethane

Swedish Finish

Moisture-Cured Urethane

Seal and Wax Or Oil Finish

Clear In Color Amber In Color Clear To Slight Amber Color Clear to Slight Amber Color Amber In Color
Fast Drying Slow Drying Fast Drying Dries Quickly w/Humidity Dry Time Varies
Durability V.Good Durability Very Good Durability Excellent Durability Excellent Durability Good
Not Flammable Combustible Combustible Flammable Combustible
Easy To Recoat Easy To Recoat Recoatable Recoatable Renewable by owner
Mild Odor Moderate Odor Strong Odor Strong Odor Mild Odor
Commonly Avail. Low Luster
Can Water Spot

At this time, the most common finish used is oil-modified urethane.  We use this type of finish on the majority of our jobs.  Oil-based urethanes can amber in color over time.  This is why we use water-borne finish on our color sensitive projects such as white floors.  It is important to use high quality finishes.  The quality of the finish affects the final appearance of the floor as well as the durability.  We use only the highest quality finishes.

Finishes can discolor over time.  Ultraviolet light can change the color of a finish so it's important to drape large windows that have direct sunlight.  Area rugs are an excellent addition to your wood floor, however, they should not be placed on the floor until the finish is fully cured.  On a water-based urethane, area rugs can usually be placed after 14 days.  On a solvent-based finish you should wait about 30 days after application of the finish.  

Area rugs should be moved occasionally to maintain an even color in your finish.  It's also important to use rugs with backing that allows the floor to breath and that are safe for wood floor finishes.

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